Ancient Egypt cosmetics
Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

Ancient Egypt cosmetics.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

It is not concealed from the mentality that the ancient Egyptians also cared about the life of immortality after the Renewal in the Garden of Eternit “Ayaru”. Among those sciences in which the ancient Egyptians excelled are astronomy, types of medicine, anatomy, engineering, astrology, and other sciences. The ancient Egyptians created a remedy for burns by mixing the cheek and lip lacquer with red natron, northern salt, and honey.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

The ancient Egyptians also cared about art, brilliance, and nature, it was an impulse of the ancient Egyptians, who used to duplicate ideas and funds to make the most elegant civilization society has ever known. The two main forms of eye makeup were green eye paint, and black Kohl, and the green eye paint called Udju, was made of malachite a copper carbonate pigment. The green malachite came from the mines of Sinai as early as 3000 BC. The black eye paint called Mesdemet was made of galena, a dark grey ore, and Crushed charcoal was also used in this process.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

The malachite and the galena were crushed and mixed with gum or water to make a paste Mesdemet or kohl, it was an expensive product that only members of the upper class could afford. 

The kohl that the lower class could afford came in sticks, whereas the kohl the upper class could afford was kept in ornately carved boxes made of precious materials. It was used for lining the eyes, and it was revealed to get along powerful health benefits in the form of protection from sickness, bugs, and sunbeams.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

Red ochre clay was ground up, and mixed with water to create a paste to paint on the lips and cheeks. The use of cosmetics in ancient Egypt varied little between social classes, where more makeup was worn by higher-class individuals as wealthier individuals could afford more cosmetics. The ancient Egyptians taught humanity many ideas of life; related to how to wear clothes, and makeup.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

Ancient Egypt fashion and cosmetics.

The Egyptians made cosmetics and fashion materials from nature and the surrounding circumstances, and they made cosmetics and eyeliner from oxide stones. Cosmetic palettes were used to grind makeup, the earliest examples were rectangular in shape and date back to 5000 BC, the palettes later assumed a rounder shape like the Narmer Palette.

They used many other tools to use their cosmetics, most commonly, they used a scrub made from the Salvadora persica tree. They would also use a small stick to apply the kohl to their eyes. They usually used a pad to apply powders to their face, and they used a reed with a piece of red ochre clay attached to the end to paint their lips.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

Cosmetics in ancient Egypt.

Also, the Egyptians created their clothes from silk, cotton, and linen, but the awesomeness fact is that we did not discover an inscription depicting the Egyptians in winter clothes.

The Egyptians produced shoes from palm fronds and goat skins, also, They made the priest’s cloak of leopard skin and made gold and copper to make bracelets, earrings, and royal necklaces that adorned the scenes of the kings of ancient Egypt through different ages.

Ancient - Egypt - cosmetics - Egyluxortours

However they viewed beauty as a sign of purity, everything they used had a spiritual aspect including fashion and cosmetics both men, and women wore maquillage.

Traders traded makeup often, especially in the upper classes, and in tombs, cosmetic palettes were found concealed in gold with the deceased as burial interests. Additionally emphasized the idea that cosmetics were not only used for aesthetic objectives but rather for magical, and spiritual purposes.

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