Book of the gates

Book of the Gates

A Comprehensive Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Funerary Text



  • Book of Gates

The Book of Gates, an ancient Egyptian funerary text dating from the New Kingdom period, is a detailed narrative that describes the journey of a newly deceased soul through the underworld guided by the sun god Ra. This journey involves passing through a series of gates, each guarded by serpent deities associated with different goddesses. The text emphasizes the importance of knowing the names of these guardians to progress safely toward resurrection. Scenes depicting the judgment of the dead and the ultimate emergence of Ra back into the sky add layers of complexity to this profound spiritual voyage.

  • Book of the Gates Historical Significance

Named by French Egyptologist Gaston Maspero as ‘Livre de Portes’ (Book of Gates), this text has been subject to extensive study and translation by renowned scholars such as Jean-Francois Champollion, Erik Hornung, and Alexander Piankoff. Discovered in tombs primarily from the 19th and 20th Dynasties, with earlier incomplete versions found in Horemheb’s tomb from the 18th Dynasty, the Book of Gates gained prominence among royals during the New Kingdom period. Its appearance in various tombs, including those of Seti I and Ramesses VII, highlights its function in Egyptian funerary practices.

Book of the Gates Appearances in Tombs 

Scenes from the Book of Gates adorn numerous tombs across different reigns, ranging from Horemheb to Ramesses VII.

Notable examples include Seti I’s complete inscription on his sarcophagus and Horemheb’s groundbreaking depiction that breaks away from traditional Amduat representations.

From royal tombs to those of commoners like Sennedjem and Tjanefer, glimpses of this intricate funerary text offer insights into ancient Egyptian beliefs surrounding death and the afterlife.

Book of The Gates Relationship with the Amduat


Closely intertwined with the Book of Gates is the Book of Amduat, another guide detailing Ra’s journey through the underworld but with distinct differences. While both texts serve as companions in navigating the afterlife, their unique focuses set them apart. The emphasis on serpent gate deities in the Book of Gates contrasts with other guardian figures in the Amduat, showcasing diverse mythological elements crucial for understanding Egyptian cosmology.

  • Book of the Gates Hours and Symbolism

 Structured around Ra’s nocturnal journey across twelve hours in the underworld, each hour in the Book of Gates presents challenges that demand knowledge and reverence for specific deities. From Ra’s arrival at dusk to encounters with fiery guardians and symbolic rituals at each gate, these hours symbolize not just a physical passage but also a metaphysical transformation essential for achieving resurrection and reunion with divine forces.

  • Book of the Gates Conclusion

The Book of Gates stands as a testament to ancient Egyptian beliefs regarding death, judgment, and rebirth. Its intricate scenes, elaborate descriptions, and symbolic depth offer modern scholars profound insights into how Egyptians perceived the transition from earthly existence to eternal life. By unraveling its mysteries and exploring its rich symbolism, we can appreciate not just a funerary text but a spiritual guide that transcends time.

Is a New Kingdom’s religious book dealing with the journey of the sun through the hours of the night, each hour defined by twelve genies guarded gates.!! It was frequently inscribed on royal tomb walls in the Valley of the Kings, most completely in KV 9, the tomb of Ramses V, and Ramses VI.

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