King Ahmose 1 deported the Hyksos
King-Ahmose 1-deported-the -Hyksos-egyluxortours

King Ahmose deported the Hyksos.


Ahmose was seventeen at the time when his father was killed in one of the battles against the Hyksos.

After his father’s death, his brother took power for only three years, and then Ahmose took over when his brother died for unknown reasons.

Military campaigns during the reign of King Ahmose

King Seqenen Ra was the first to start striking the Hyksos and battling them to be deported out of Egypt.

He was killed in one of the battles against the Hyksos, and his son, King Kamose, completed what his father had started until he expelled the Hyksos from Upper Egypt.

King Ahmose came and completed the expulsion of the Hyksos from all of Egypt and purified the country from them.

Ahmose consumed the first periods of his rule fighting the Hyksos in the east, and west until the good country gained sovereignty over Egypt.

He continued to wage wars against the Hyksos armies until he expelled them from the delta region.

King Ahmose advanced his armies in a battle around 1580 BC, at this time he was nineteen years old, using modern weapons of his time, such as war wheels, and many people from Thebes joined the army.

He went with his armies to the region of Avaris, which is now called (Sun al-Hajar in the Sharkia Governorate), the capital of the Hyksos armies, and they were defeated there.

King-Ahmose-expelled-the Hyksos-egyluxortours

Ahmose was not satisfied with that, but he pursued them to the State of Palestine and besieged them in the fortress of Sharuhen.

And their unity was fragmented there until they surrendered, and the Hyksos did not appear in history after that.

The reign of King Ahmose I

After King Ahmose was assured of the internal and external borders of the Egyptian country.

He placed all his attention on the internal reform of the country, and the troop witnessed several developments during the rule of King Ahmose.

King Ahmose was the first to introduce the war wheels that he used in the wars against the Hyksos armies it was drawn by horse animals.

He also developed the use of military weapons such as arrows with pieces of iron on the arrowheads.

He began to fight the Hyksos at the beginning of Upper Egypt until reaching the capital of Egypt at this time. Which the Hyksos set up next to the current city of Zagazig.

And the people gathered around him and trained them until they became strong and skilled warriors. He fought the Hyksos until they fled outside the country.

He did not return with his army until after he was assured of the security of the eastern borders of Egypt.

He arrived with an army in the country of Phoenicia, and he slammed Nubia to restore it to the Kingdom of Egypt until he reached its southern borders to the second waterfall.

The mummy of King Ahmose.

King-Ahmose-expelled-the Hyksos-egyluxortours


His mummy was discovered in 1881 AD in the Deir el-Bahari cache, along with some of the mummies of the kings of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twenty-first dynasties.

His mummy was identified by Gaston Maspero on June 9, 1886 AD, the mummy is 1.63 cm tall and has a relatively small face when compared to the size of its chest.




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