King Tuthmose 3
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King Tuthmose 3

King Tuthmose 3 was one of the most powerful kings of ancient Egypt, he is the sixth of the pharaohs in the eighteenth dynasty, and he received rule of Egypt at a young age, and due to his young age. Tuthmose 3 (variously also spelled Tuthmosis or Thothmes), occasionally called Tuthmose 3 the Great.

King - Tuthmose - 3 - egyluxortours

Officially, Tuthmose 3 ruled Egypt for nearly 54 years, and his reign is usually dated from 28 April 1479 BC to 11 March 1425 BC, from the age of two and until his death at age fifty-six. However, during the first 22 years of his reign.

He was coregent with his stepmother and aunt Hatshepsut, who was called the female pharaoh. While he was shown first on surviving monuments, both were assigned the usual royal names and insignia and neither is given any obvious seniority over the other. He did not rule Egypt alone in the first years of his rule but was subordinate to Queen Hatshepsut, Tuthmose served as the head of Hatshepsut’s armies. During the final two years of his reign, he appointed his son and successor Amenhotep 2,  as his junior co-regent, and after her death, he was able to lead a great kingdom.

King Tuthmose 3 & The royal family.

King Tuthmose 3 is the son of King Tuthmose II, and his mother is (ISET), the secondary wife of Tuthmose II, and his son, Amenhotep II, who succeeded him in the rule of ancient Egypt. As for his wife, a difference appeared between the sources in determining her, except that some references said that Tuthmose 3 married three wives from Syria. He is regarded, along with Ramses 2 the Great, as one of the two most powerful and celebrated rulers of the New Kingdom Period of Ancient Egypt, itself considered the height of Egyptian power.

His military campaigns.

  • Battle of Megiddo.
  • Karnak Botanical Garden.
  • Chahi and Kadesh campaigns.
  • Expeditions of Canaan and Syria.

King Tuthmose 3 Power. 

During the reign of Tuthmose 3, the borders of Egypt reached the Euphrates in the east, Libya in the west, and the coasts of Phoenicia in the north and south.

Establishments & monuments. 

He built a special temple for the god Amun in Karnak, and he set up the feasts hall on the eastern side of the temple.

He built the ancestral room, which is located on the southern side, it was Tuthmose 3 who ordered that a selection of the names of his ancestors, the kings of Egypt, be engraved in it.

When the temple was built later, types of trees were engraved on one of its rooms, We find on them all the plants that he found in the land of [Ratno] (Syria).

He built a temple for the god Ptah north of the temple of the god Amun in Karnak (other than his funerary temple) and gifted it to the god Ptah the god of Memphis, and his wife, the goddess Hathor.


The temple has been greatly enlarged and decorated the temple, and Tuthmose 3 erected no less than seven huge obelisks, also created a huge mortuary temple on the west bank of Luxor and 2 huge pylons inside the Karnak temple complex.

Tuthmose III & The End.

King - Tuthmose - 3 - egyluxortours

King Tuthmose 3 died in the year thousand four hundred, and twenty-six BC, He was buried in the Valley of the Kings on the western side of Thebes, Knowing that his mummy was found in the year 1889 with a group of his personal belongings. It is worth noting that the last years of Tuthmose 3’s reign were full of many works. Most notably the construction of the temple known as Deir el-Bahari next to the Temple of Hatshepsut.

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