Sphinxes Avenue
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Sphinxes Avenue

Origins of the Sphinxes Avenue

Sphinxes Avenue, also known as the Way of the Rams and the Path of the Gods, is a historic promenade in Luxor, Egypt, dating back 3,000 years. This ancient walkway connects the Karnak and Luxor temples in what was once the city of Thebes, serving as a path for pilgrims to visit the temples and pay homage to their deities. The construction of this avenue is believed to have begun during the reign of Amenhotep III in the 18th Dynasty and completed under Nectanebo II in the 30th Dynasty.

Significance and Festivals of the Sphinxes Avenue

Sphinxes Avenue played a crucial role in hosting various celebrations, feasts, coronations, and religious festivals. One such significant event was the annual Opet Festival held in Thebes (Luxor), where parades, dancers, and processions marked the occasion. The festival celebrated the bounty brought by the annual flooding of the Nile River and included a flotilla of sacred boats making their way to the temples along this grand avenue.

Architectural Features of the Sphinxes Avenue

Sphinxes Avenue is lined with statues of rams and sphinxes on pedestals, this majestic road stretches several miles along the banks of the Nile River. Queen Hatshepsut is believed to have contributed to its architectural evolution by commissioning chapels dedicated to Amun-Re along its route.

Additionally, Nectanebo 1 added docks for boats, a nilometer for measuring Nile water levels, wine presses for celebrations, storage rooms for wine, bathrooms, and washing basins along this grand thoroughfare.

Excavations and Restoration

Excavations along the Avenue of Sphinxes have been ongoing for over 50 years, revealing ancient wineries from Roman times where wine was processed. Despite many sphinxes being lost or destroyed over millennia, visitors can still envision its grandeur by walking along its length between Karnak and Luxor temples. Recent restoration efforts have aimed to highlight Egypt’s rich archaeological heritage and attract tourists back to this historically significant site.


The Avenue of Sphinxes stands as a testament to Egypt’s rich history and cultural heritage. Its role in hosting ancient festivals and processions reflects the spiritual significance it held for generations past. As ongoing excavations uncover more secrets buried beneath its sands, this iconic promenade continues to captivate visitors with its timeless allure.

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