The temple of Merenptah Merenptah was the thirteenth son of Ramesses II, and it was he who finally followed his father toward 1213 B.C., after his father’s (too) long reign. When he took control, Egypt was no longer what it was in the time of the 18th Dynasty. It was a weakened polity, unethical, but

Fashion and cosmetics in ancient Egypt, It is not concealed from the mentality that the ancient Egyptians also cared about the life of immortality after the Rebirth in the Garden of Eternit “Ayaru “. Among those sciences in which the ancient Egyptians excelled are astronomy, types of medicine, anatomy, engineering, astrology… and other sciences. The

King Ahmose deported the Hyksos. Ahmose was seventeen at the time when his father was killed in one of the battles against the Hyksos. After his father’s death, his brother took power for only three years, and then Ahmose took over when his brother died for unknown reasons. Military campaigns during the reign of King

Mummification of the ancient Egyptians is the soul’s gateway to life after death. We were able to discover the method of mummification, and its techniques are as follows Removing the brain from the skull by suction through the nose, using the chisel and hammer to cut through the nasal wall, and then pulling the brain

The Valley of the Kings The rulers of the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Dynasties of Egypt’s wealthy New Kingdom (c.1550–1069 BC) have been buried here. During a desolate dry river valley across the river from the traditional city of Thebes, hence its modern name of the Valley of the Kings this moniker is not entirely accurate. However, some

Luxor Tours It is something really special to have a holiday in Upper Egypt and the capital of the ancient Egyptian empire during the 18th dynastic period, it would take weeks to experience everything that Luxor has to offer for the visitors. Take the opportunity and make a visit to Luxor, the capital of the

Colossi of Memnon.   Colossi of Memnon or The Mortuary temple of Amenhotep was the largest temple to be built on the west bank, covering an area of 35 hectares and one of the latest structures in Egypt. At the time of construction in the modern kingdom, it would have superseded The Temple of Amun

Ancient Egypt’s Necropolis. The West Bank of Luxor is one of the most important archaeological sites in the universe, it is much more than We know as the Valley of the kings though many have called the whole area by that name. Indeed the whole west bank is honeycombed with tombs, not just of the

Luxor is a city of many names, the ancient Egyptians called it W3st meaning the city of the scepter, when the Greeks came they called it THEBES it the modern city of Luxor from the Arabic word( AL_Oqsur ) This enchanting city is located right along the great Nile River about 500 kilometers south of