Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Dahshour, and Memphis Museum Stunning Day Tour

The Great Sphinx and the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza are two of the most well-known tourist attractions in the world, and they have been since Roman times. A king from the fourth dynasty was buried in each of these magnificent buildings (c.2613–2494 BC).

King Khufu (c. 2589–2566 BC) had the Great Giza Pyramid constructed for him, and the other two were for his son Khafre and grandson Menkaure. The first structure to reach a height greater than Khufu’s pyramid would not be constructed for another 3,800 years!

Although the three pyramids stand out on the plateau, there are also many additional structures all around them.

Every king’s pyramid was merely one component, albeit the most significant one, of a larger complex that also contained smaller, subsidiary queens’ pyramids; a different structure that served as the king’s second symbolic tomb.
Mastaba tombs for nobility, and other family members; the burial of actual and/or symbolic boats; and a pair of temples connected by a lavishly decorated causeway. One of these temples, known as the valley temple, was situated on or close to a body of water where boats could dock and lead into the pyramid complex. The other structure, the funerary (or higher) temple, was situated close to the pyramid’s base.

Saqqara, one of the most significant cemeteries, is situated 40 kilometers southwest of Cairo. Memphis was one of the most significant towns in ancient Egyptian history. Most likely, the location’s name comes from Sokar, the god of this necropolis.

It is a true open-air museum, featuring artifacts from every period of ancient Egypt’s history. This is also where the Step Pyramid of Djoser is located, and here were buried kings and noblemen from the first two dynasties (c.3040-2686 BC) (c.2686–2667 BC).

You will see the pyramids of some of the most significant kings from the Old Kingdom’s Fifth (c. 2494-2345 BC) and Sixth (c. 2345-2181 BC) Dynasties. The oldest pyramid burial chamber decorated with texts can be found in one of these, the pyramid of Unas (also known as Wenis; c. 2375–2345 BC). These are the so-called Pyramid Texts, which served to safeguard the departed king as he traveled to the afterlife. Saqqara is home to numerous Old Kingdom noblemen’s tombs, many of which are ornamented with exceptional-quality scenes and texts, in addition to the Old Kingdom royal burials.

The southern section of Memphis, the ancient Egyptian nation’s capital, was known as Dahshur. On this hill were built the pyramids of the Old and Middle Kingdom monarchs. The first king of the 4th Dynasty, Sneferu, built his first pyramid on the rocky plateau of Dahshur to compete with the pyramid of King Djoser at Saqqara, but he was unable to finish it.
This initial attempt ended up being broken, and he erected the Red Pyramid, a complete pyramid, far away from it. The Middle Kingdom pyramids in the area, beginning with the pyramid of King Amenemhat II, still stand despite being in poor condition.

The graves of the princesses Sit-Hathor are situated on either side of the pyramid of King Senwosret III. The King Amenemhat III Black Pyramid is similarly in poor conservation condition. It still stands apart from the Sneferu Pyramid despite the degradation of its stones. The Egyptian Museum has a stone pyramid, the pyramid’s tip.

Explore Giza Plateau, you will visit Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the Valley Temple. In Saqqara, you will discover the Djoser complex and the Step Pyramid, the Pyramid of King Titi, and Noble’s tombs.

In Memphis, you will see Memphis Necropolis and Memphis Museum. In Dahshour, you will find out the Bent Pyramid and the first complete pyramid in the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Red Pyramid.

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Pickup from your Hotel

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Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel to accompany you with an air-conditioned vehicle to begin your tour.


Visit to Giza Necropolis

Your tour will begin with visiting the most attractive pharaonic sightseeing, Giza Necropolis, where you will find a large number of pyramids and tombs dating back to the 4th dynasty, the old kingdom. The most famous attractions are the pyramids of Cheops, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Chefren, and Mecyrinos. Besides, the valley temple of King Chefren.
Additionally, there is the Great Sphinx which has a lion body with a human head, and according to the Pharaonic beliefs; he is guarding this great necropolis.


Visit to Papyrus Museum

You will visit the Papyrus Museum for shopping.
You will be able to have a horse or camel ride. It is an optional activity. You will pay extra fees of 20$ per person.


Visit to Saqqara

You will move to Saqqara to discover the Complex of King Djoser, dating back to the third dynasty. This complex is considered the first complete stone construction in ancient Egypt, and it contains the first pyramid in the ancient Egyptian civilization, the step pyramid.


Visit to Memphis

You will go ahead to Memphis, the first capital of united ancient Egypt. It was founded by King Narmer in 3100 BC. Besides, you will enjoy visiting the Memphis Museum.


Visit to Dahshour

You will move to Dahshour to discover the Bent Pyramid, presenting a stage for constructing the pyramids in ancient Egypt, It was built by King Sneferu during the fourth dynasty.
Then, you will go to the Red Pyramid, showing the ingenuity and the ability of the ancient Egyptians to build a complete pyramid. This pyramid belongs to King Sneferu during the fourth dynasty too.


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