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Fayoum is located At 42 meters below sea level, Wadi El-Rayan is a natural reserve in the western desert of Egypt, It comprises two lakes joined together by the only waterfall in Egypt.

To safeguard the region’s biological, geological, and cultural values, it was declared a Protected Area in 1989.

The Protected Area spans 1759 km2 in El-southern Fayoum’s region one of the Wadi El-Rayan Protected Area’s most well-known features is its waterfalls. The region protects vast swaths of the desert with a diversity of topographies and landforms.

It is including the remains of extinct animals and ancient civilizations’ cultural heritage sites, the desert of Wadi El-Rayan is home to rare and unique natural species.

The Western Desert of Egypt’s Wadi Al-Hitan, or Whale Valley, is home to priceless fossil remnants of the earliest and currently extinct suborder of whales, the Archaeoceti.

The evolution of the whale from a land-based animal to an ocean-going mammal is one of the primary storylines represented by these fossils. The world’s most significant location for the display of this stage of evolution is here.

The shape and way of life of these whales throughout their metamorphosis are eloquently portrayed.

Such fossils are uncommon in this location due to their abundance, quality, concentration, and accessibility as well as their position in a picturesque and protected landscape.

The earliest archetypes can be seen in the last stages of losing their hind limbs in the fossils from Al-Hitan. It is feasible to reconstruct the local ecological and environmental circumstances of the time thanks to additional fossil material found at the site.

The Fayoum Oasis is a sizable depression that is created by the terrain southwest of Cairo.
Numerous lakes, Egypt’s only permanent waterfall, and the distinctive Mudawara Mountain (Jebel al- Mudawara), which is situated to the west of Al Fayoum Lake, are all found in the region.
There are three different peaks, along with one or two other lower points to the west, even though it is more of a rock structure than a true mountain.
Your attention is drawn to it by its lovely layered appearance and the feature’s seeming symmetry.

Interestingly, despite El Fayoum’s surface elevation is 118 feet below sea level, the peak offers several enjoyable scrambles, each of which provides a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

A temple dedicated to the cobra-goddess Renenutet was built at Medinet Madi, a location in southwest Egypt’s Fayoum region with ruins of a Greco-Roman town, during the reigns of Amenemhat III and Amenemhat IV. It was later enlarged and renovated during the Greco-Roman era.

Book now and enjoy the Fayoum Trip from Cairo visiting El Fayoum’s major sights, Wadi El Rayan, Wadi Hitan, Mudawara Mountain, and Medinet Madi, Your gate to the country that has a little bit of everything.

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Pickup from your Hotel

At 7:00 am Pickup from your Hotel.
Our representative will pick you up from your hotel In Cairo to enjoy El Fayoum’s famous sites, the distance from Cairo to Fayoum is about 95 km


Visit to Wadi al Hitan

We will start our tour at the Wadi al Hitan Protected Area (Valley of the Whales), about 90 km far from Fayoum. Wadi al Hitan or Valley of the Whales is located in the Protected Area of Wadi El Rayan and It was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site In recognition of the 40 million year –old whale skeletons found there.


Visit to Mudawara Mountain

On the way to Wadi El Rayan Water Falls, we’ll visit Mudawara Mountain and take beautiful photographs.


Visit to Wadi El Rayan

Then into Wadi Al Rayan Water Falls. Wadi El Rayan Is a natural depression located In the western desert, Wadi Rayan consists of two lakes connected by Egypt’s only waterfalls, formed in 1970 by an overflow of drainage water from the farmlands In Fayoum.


Visit to Medinet Madi

After that enjoy Medinet Madi (Ancient City Uncovered) which dates back to the third Pharaonic dynasty built by Amenemhet III and completed by Amenemhet IV. Late Lunch will be served at a good quality restaurant.


Tour Ends

At the end of the Tour, our representative will drive you back to your hotel in Cairo.

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