Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan 5 Days

We’ll take a 5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, where the stunning temples and monuments will leave you speechless. Our devoted crew is here to make sure you have everything you need to have the best vacation possible.
On board our Nile Cruise, it’s all about you and your enjoyment, whether you’re relaxing on the sun deck or exploring one of Egypt’s ancient monuments on our land excursion itinerary.

In Luxor, We’ll Visit Karnak and Luxor temples, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, and the colossi of Memnon.

Afterward, We’ll move to Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples, and Edfu Site is devoted to the god Horus and is thought to be the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. Kom Ombo Temple is located on a high ground dominating the Nile.

At Aswan, We’ll go to Aswan High Dam, an Egyptian structure that spans the Nile River near Aswan. It was built for almost a billion dollars and inaugurated in January 1971. The High Dam has a substantial positive impact on Egypt’s economy. The yearly Nile flood is under human control for the first time in recorded history. The dam holds back floodwaters and releases them when necessary in order to maximize floodwater utilization on irrigated land, water tens of thousands of new hectares, improve navigation above and below Aswan, and produce a significant amount of hydroelectric power. A fishing operation is supported by the reservoir that the dam creates.

Finally, we’ll explore Philae Island, where The Ptolemaic Period is when the majority of the constructions at the Philae Monuments were built (332–30 BC). The most well-known of these is a temple built in honor of Isis, the mother of Horus, the patron deity of the monarchy, by Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246 BC). Isis has seen nursing Horus in the marshes in a scene from the mammisi, or birth room, where the birth of Horus was celebrated.

Book this Cruise in the world’s longest river on a 4 Night, full-board 5 * deluxe ship from Luxor to Aswan with a professional Egyptologist tour guide. Taste the luxury of the land of pharaohs. You’ll visit Karnak temples, Luxor temple, the valley of the kings, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the colossi of Memnon, before sailing to Edfu and Kom Ombo, in Aswan the Pearl of south Egypt you’ll visit the unfinished obelisk, the Aswan High Dam and Philae temple of the goddess Isis.

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Professional Licensed Tour Guide and air-conditioned car for transport. Full board accommodation.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Service charges and taxes
Entrance fees




Day 1

Welcome to Luxor - Nile Cruise.

Welcome to Luxor, Egypt
Welcome to the world’s heritage center, and the world’s greatest open-air museum.
Our Egy Luxor Tours representative will meet and assist you at Luxor airport, or train station, or pick up you from Your hotel in Luxor in the morning, and you’ll check in on your 5 * cruise ship in time for lunch.
In the afternoon you will proceed to Visit the largest religious temple on our planet at Karnak, and the Luxor temple of King Amenhotep III on the east bank of Luxor via a private air-conditioned vehicle.
After dinner on board, there’s a party in the lounge bar. Alternatively, visit the Sound and light show at the Karnak temple complex.
The sound and light show at Karnak temple is something really special, after sunset, the temple is illuminated with an audio-visual show that explains how the temple was built and what life was like in ancient Egypt . the visual effects seem to bring the temple back to life.
Enjoy one of the most unique experiences in Luxor is taking a hot air balloon ride at the sunrise over the city, see for yourself why Luxor is the world’s greatest open-air museum, it’s also a great introduction to all of the things you can see in Luxor
The bird’s eye view allows you to see the impressive size and significant planning that went into the complexes.
Additional charges for the balloon apply.
Overnight on board in Luxor

Day 2

Luxor - Edfu

After breakfast on board of your deluxe ship, it’s time to discover Luxor’s West bank.
In ancient times it was called the land of the dead or the Theban Necropolis today it is called Al Qurn or the horn, symbolized by a small Pyramid located on the top of the western mound of Luxor.
You’ll proceed to visit the Valley of the kings to explore the ancient royal burial place of the modern kingdom pharaohs for more than 500 years ( 1570 – 1070) B.C.
The Tombs of the king’s Valley are highly and accurately decorated for their pharaohs to be immortal in the afterlife and it looks like survival machine.!
The walls are covered with chapters from the book of the dead or (Imew dwat) which describes life in the afterlife.
Then you will move to visit the temple of Hatshepsut the most wonderful temple of all that was conducted for her excellency, and then move to the colossi of Memnon. Then you’ll proceed to go back onboard your luxurious ship by time for lunch, after which you’ll sail to Edfu via Esna. Enjoy dinner and disco on board.
Overnight on board in Edfu.

Day 3

Edfu - Aswan

After breakfast on board, the day begins with a visit to the temple of Horus at Edfu via a horse carriage, the Edfu temple of Horus is one of the well-preserved temples, it dates back to the Ptolemaic times (237_27) B.C, after returning to the boat to sail to Kom Ombo. Enjoy lunch on board while sailing to Kom Ombo, after arriving at Kom Ombo and visiting its fascinating double temple of The Crocodile god Sobek and the mummified Crocodiles, you’ll cruise to Aswan the Pearl of south Egypt, arriving in time for a middle Eastern buffet on board and an Egyptian costume party. Overnight on board in Aswan.

Day 4

Aswan Day Tour

Should you wish, you can choose an optional day tour to the Abu Simbel temples, in which case the Aswan itinerary will move to day 5.

After breakfast on board, Enjoy a tour of the highlights of Aswan, including the unfinished obelisk, the Aswan High Dam, and the Philae temple of Goddess Isis mistress of motherhood and afterlife, before returning to your boat for lunch sail the Nile on a traditional felucca, you can also opt to tour a traditional Nubian village via a motorboat for an extra charge. Finally, feasts on your final onboard dinner and an extravaganza of Nubian music, Nubian dance, and belly dancing, complete with an Egyptian costume party.
Overnight on board in Aswan.

Day 5


After breakfast onboard your ship, you’ll disembark. If you added the optional day tour to the Abu Simbel temples on day 4, you’ll spend day 5 enjoying the highlights of Aswan with a felucca ride on the Nile before transferring in the late afternoon to an Aswan hotel, the airport, the train station, or an Aswan hotel.

Egypt Nile Cruise
Egypt Nile Cruise
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruise From Luxor to Aswan

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